Not Only Cool, Wear Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes


Not Only Cool, Wear Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes

Sunglasses Protect - Some people regard sunglasses as part of style or fashion. The use of sunglasses is also part of maintaining eye health.

Keep in mind that long-term exposure to ultraviolet light not only adversely affects skin health, but also eye health. You need to use sunglasses when you leave the room, especially if you often do activities in the hot sun. The risk of some diseases of the eye is higher when the eyes are not well protected.

Why Do Eyes Need Protection?

Eye protection is essential for protecting fragile tissue around the eyes — for example, the eyelids, where the skin layer is sensitive and prone to skin cancer.

UV radiation to the eyes can also increase the risk of various eye diseases, such as cataracts, pingueculum and pterygium. Cataracts are differences in the lens of the eye to become cloudy. This condition can damage the retina, which disrupts the ability to see. While the pingueculum is the appearance of a yellowish lump on the white part of the eye, and pterygium is a condition in which the conjunctiva (tissue that lines the white of the eye) grows into the cornea.

Also, there is an acute effect of UV radiation namely inflammation or inflammation of the eye lining, including photoconjunctivitis and photokeratitis. Photoconjunctivitis is inflammation of the conjunctiva (the outermost layer of the white part of the eye), whereas photokeratitis is inflammation of the cornea.

How to choose the right sunglasses?

Well, to be able to protect your eyes from UV light, you need to wear sunglasses. However, of course, you don't choose. The following are some guidelines for selecting the right sunglasses:
  •     Glasses colour

    Some people may often refer to it as sunglasses. However, the colour is not only black, but there is also chocolate, grey, yellow, green, and even red gradations. The various shades of the lens of this sunglasses have their respective functions.

    Certain colours on the lens of the glasses can minimise the colour distortion that causes glare. For those of you who drive, crystals with grey and red lenses are more recommended. In addition to protecting from exposure to UV light, glasses with grey lenses can reduce glare from the lights.

  •     Choose sunglasses with UVA / UVB protection

    The use of sunglasses with the aim of protecting the eyes, need to pay attention to the protection power that is in these glasses. Choose glasses with lenses that provide 99% or 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays.

  •     Choose sunglasses with a large lens

    Sunglasses Protect - Choosing sunglasses with a large size lens is one of the essential things. With a larger lens size, the area around the protected eye will also be more extensive. Moreover, light does come from not only the front but also the side, so that glasses with wide lenses recommended.

Also, it is also recommended to choose glasses that correctly installed on the face. For example, it is not easy to go down, and when it wore its position is not far from the eyebrow. Is intended to reduce the incoming light from the top.

Using sunglasses is not just for style, but also brings benefits to eye health. You have to be observant in choosing sunglasses, don't just stick to the dark colours. Choose glasses with protection against UV light and already have a standardised label.

So, what do you know about sunglasses? From now on, make it a practice of wearing sunglasses when you move outdoors during the day. Not only for adults but also children, so that they are accustomed from childhood to protect their eyes well.

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