The Main Causes of Infidelity You Didn't Know

The Main Causes of Infidelity You Didn't Know

Infidelity You Didn't Know - Do you often chat deeply and at length, and exchange short messages with the opposite sex who are not your partner? If the answer is yes, lest you have cheated on your heart. In addition to physical cheating, cheating on this type is no less dangerous for the harmony of the couple.

Many people think that men cheat and leave their wives for women who are sexier or prettier. While women will leave their husbands for more established men. However, research found that not only was the main reason someone had an affair.

Reasons for Men and Women to cheat

Infidelity is not only based on the desire to have sex with a partner who is more interesting or challenging. It is precisely one of the main reasons for men having an affair because of a lack of emotional closeness with a partner.

If the couple lacks emotional closeness, the risk over time is that the couple can become less appreciative of each other's existence. This lack of appreciation has become one of the main keys for men to build emotional closeness with other people who can give them appreciation.

Unlike men, in women infidelity often starts from feeling alone, unhappy, and feeling neglected by a partner. Basically, a woman wants a person who admires her, so she feels attractive. If he is ignored by his partner, then the affair becomes a way for women to get the attention they want from other men.

In addition, some women cheat when they are stressed or experience major changes in their lives, for example when they lose their jobs or fail in business. At this time, cheating can be a way out that can calm him, distract him, or make him feel valuable again.

Recognizing a Harmful Affair

Many kinds of infidelity that might occur around you, one of which is cheating on the heart. Generally people who undergo cheating feel that there is something missing in their marriage, so that when there is another man or woman to talk to comfortably, he feels cared for and desirable.

Although it does not always involve physical contact, it does not mean cheating on the heart is not wrong. In fact, many relationships that are initially based only on emotional, lead to sexual relations.

Furthermore, cheating on the heart is even more dangerous than physical infidelity. Couples who have sexual relations do not always have closeness and affection. But on the contrary, cheating on the heart involves the emotional side, namely connectedness, closeness, mutual love, and ultimately love.

Some people find it hard to know whether they are having an affair or not. There are some signs when you or someone is having an affair.

  • You dress up and be more careful about choosing clothes to attract the attention of other people besides your partner.
  • You give a lot of emotional energy to certain people. You tend to feel sad or jealous if he ignores you.
  • You tell personal things, like dreams and hopes, which your partner doesn't even know.
  • You feel guilty if your partner sees you together.
  • You tell your household problems to him.
  • You consider it important and often take the time to be with him.
  • You keep your meetings and conversations with him from your partner, including short messages and e-mails.
  • You feel dependent on him emotionally.
Indeed, not all affairs will end with separation or divorce. Not a few marriages are returned intact after the affair. However, the role of both parties is needed to evaluate themselves, forgive, give time to each other, and renew commitment to establish emotional closeness. If you and your partner need help, consult a psychologist or marriage counselor.

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