Pregnant women lose appetite? Overcome with these five ways

Pregnant women lose appetite? Overcome with these five ways

Pregnant women lose appetite - Loss of appetite in the early trimester of pregnancy often occurs. However, do not let it drag on, so as not to bring adverse effects to health. Come on, find out how to overcome lost appetite during pregnancy.

There are several reasons for pregnant women (pregnant women) to lose appetite. This condition experienced in the early trimester of pregnancy, but need to be aware of if it continues throughout pregnancy. Know how to deal with it so that your nutritional needs during pregnancy can meting.

How to Overcome Missing Appetite

Ideally, the weight of pregnant women increases 11-16 kg from the initial body weight, to get a healthy pregnancy. Lack of appetite during pregnancy can cause pregnant women to lose weight, and make pregnant women at risk of experiencing lack of nutrients needed during pregnancy.

A lack of nutrition during pregnancy can increase the risk of developing fetal disorders, premature birth, even miscarriage. Also, pregnant women also become more susceptible to various diseases.

At least five ways can be done to overcome the loss of appetite during pregnancy, namely:

  •     Consumption of food in cold conditions

Usually, foods that are warm or hot will produce a more pungent aroma. Can make some pregnant women feel nauseous and lose their appetite.

Pregnant women can leave food first until it starts to cool and lose its aroma, then consume it. Cold food, such as a sandwich or salad, can also be an option.

  •     Make food more varied

    Eating the same food is indeed dull and can make a pregnant woman not to eat it. In order not to get bored, pregnant women can make the types of food consumed more varied, while still fulfilling the nutrients the body needs.

Try changing the food menu every day, or changing the way it serves. For example, if pregnant women are nauseous when they have to eat green vegetables. As a variation, pregnant women can mix green vegetables and favourite fruit in the form of juice. However, keep making sure the food that is consumed by pregnant women cooked.

  •     Look for alternative foods

    Pregnant women can look for other food alternatives if they lose their appetite for certain foods. For example, pregnant women do not eat meat, even though meat contains high protein that the body needs. Instead, pregnant women can eat nuts that also hold high protein. However, still, make sure the alternative food chosen has adequate nutrition.

  •     Take prenatal vitamins

    Pregnant women lose appetite - Pregnant women can also take prenatal vitamins according to the doctor's advice, to meet nutritional needs. If you feel nauseous when taking prenatal vitamins in the form of dense tablets, pregnant women can take prenatal vitamins in liquid or chew tablets.

  •     Enough sleep

Getting enough sleep can also increase the appetite of pregnant women. The ideal night's sleep time for pregnant women is 7-8 hours. If possible, pregnant women can also take a nap for 30-60 minutes, between 14.00-16.00.

Various ways above can pregnant women do to help restore appetite. Also, pregnant women should also reduce stress so as not to lose appetite.

If the weight continues to fall, there is a possibility that pregnant women experience serious health problems, such as hyperemesis gravidarum or thyroid disorders. Therefore, if pregnant women continue to lose appetite and do not reach the expected weight gain target, consult a gynaecologist so that the necessary treatment can give.

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