7 Signs of a Woman's Orgasm that must be known


7 Signs of a Woman's Known Important Orgasm

Signs of a Woman's Orgasm - Orgasms between men and women have differences. If you are a man, it is essential to understand the sign of a woman's orgasm so that intimate relationships with your partner become more harmonious and feel good.

Orgasm is a condition when someone reaches the cusp or climax in sexual activity. Women have two sensitive areas on particular organs which often referred to as orgasm centres, namely the G-spot and clitoris. Both are very sensitive because they have many peripheral nerves. The G-spot is in the upper wall of the vagina, while the clitoris located at the top of the vagina.

Recognising the Sign of Female Orgasm

Orgasm can not only occur in young women. Older women can still enjoy orgasm, and even more comfortable because generally they are familiar with their body reactions and feel comfortable with their partners.

Several female signs of orgasm can be recognised, including:

  •     Increased heart rate, blood pressure and breathing

    When a woman orgasms, usually the breath will increase, appear gasping and widening of the blood vessels. Not infrequently this condition is followed by grasping reflexes on the hands and feet.
  •     The nipples harden

    Not only around the female sex organs but orgasm can also See from the nipples that tighten. Areola or the coloured part around the nipples also appear to be widening during orgasm.
  •     The face that looks red

    The sign of a woman's orgasm that is also visible is redness of the face due to increased blood flow. The increase in red colour is not only on the front but also in various other body parts.
  •     Muscle contractions around sex organs

    Contraction of muscles around the pelvis and the uterus will occur when women experience orgasm. Women orgasm will also feel the vaginal walls throb, with different intensities in each woman.
  •     Reflex movement

    The autonomic nervous system controls orgasms, so female signs of orgasm often cause reflexes. For example, muscle spasms in several parts of the body, the emergence of specific body movements, to make a sound without realising it.
  •     The sensation is out of control

    Signs of a Woman's Orgasm - Orgasm can cause the brain to lose power for a few moments. Is because the part of the brain that controls the action does not work during orgasm, giving rise to the sensation of being out of control.
  •     The body relaxes

    Some hormones will release by the agency including endorphins and prolactin after orgasm. The release of this hormone makes a woman feel relaxed. There is also the hormone oxytocin that will fill the brain after orgasm, thus triggering the emergence of a woman's romanticism towards her partner. That is why many women who want to hug or chat after orgasm.

Not all women have the same sensitive area. In addition to understanding the signs of female orgasm, it is essential for you to always communicate with your partner to find out the painful area in having sex. Is important so that husband and wife relations remain warm and harmonious.

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