Tips for Keeping MakeUp Remain Durable for Oily Facial Skin

Tips for Keeping Makeup Remain Durable for Oily Facial Skin

Keeping Makeup Remain Durable - For owners of oily facial skin, make-up easily wears off seems familiar. It's not uncommon for you to often re-make make-up so that your face looks fresh all the time. However, the problem can be avoided if you know how to work around it.

Every human has sebaceous glands in the deepest skin tissue. This gland produces oil to maintain skin moisture and health. However, this gland works too actively in people who have oily skin types. On the face, excess fat can see in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin).

How to use Make-up that needs to do

Oil on the face can be hidden by applying make-up products that are correct and by the condition of your skin. To make facial makeup look more gloss-free, make sure the products you use have a unique formulation for oily skin, such as those that are matte, oil-free, or shine-free.

Here are tips that you can try:

  • Refresh your face first

Before starting make-up, you should apply your face to cleaning products with oil-free or oil-free labels first. After that, use different oily skin primers that are oil-free and gloss-free (anti-shine or matte), at least in the T zone, before you apply foundation (foundation), powder and other products. This action can help make up more attached to the face.
  • Use sunscreen

To avoid the dangers of ultraviolet (UV) light, you can use sunscreen. There are techniques that you can do so that the sunscreen does not make an oily face. You can also use sunscreen cream specifically for oily facial skin.
  • Use a light textured moisturiser

If you want to apply moisturiser, it is recommended to choose an oil-free moisturiser or use a light-textured product such as serum. Moisturising in the form of plasma can moisturise the skin without having to make it look greasy.
  • Avoid too much exposure to powder

During this time, many may think that the more powder you use, the freer your face will be from oil. The though,t was wrong, you know! Precisely too much dust can stimulate the pores of the facial skin to produce more oil. So if you want to use powder, apply powder to the rich area, and it is recommended to choose the type of dust that has a translucent matte formula.
  • Always prepare oil paper

When you are travelling, always carry oil paper in a bag. This paper can be a saviour when oil on the face has begun to appear. How to use the correct oil paper is to press it gently on the affluent area. Avoid rubbing oil paper on facial skin.Keeping Makeup Remain Durable - Also, the most important thing you need to know too is to avoid using oil or alcohol cleaning products, because it can cause skin irritation. Instead, use oil-free facial cleansing products, which are made from lightweight ingredients to clean make-up. Then wash your face clean of the rest of the make-up, so as not to clog the pores and cause acne.

So, you don't need to be annoyed because you have oily skin. You can still look fresh with this skin condition, as long as you know the trick. If necessary, you can consult a doctor to ask for recommendations on the types of make-up products that recommend for your skin condition.

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